Internorm and Hormann bespoke entrance & garage doors


We can produce front doors exactly according to your wishes - click here to design your own Internorm door

Each Internorm front door is a unique specimen, because each front door is produced exactly according to your wishes and custom-made. Five aluminium front door systems and two composite front door systems with countless models are available. Design your front door exactly after your ideas. Decide between a full front door leaf or a front door with glass cut-out and then select the desired side elements, fanlights, handles, colours etc. for your entrance door. There are no limits to your door design.

Our front doors are available in the most differing designs, matching the style of your house and matching your Internrom Windows. We have grouped the different building styles into four design styles so that you can find the model faster which suits you best among the wealth of front doors. 

Naturally, we place great emphasis on to high-quality processing and fitting of proven security locking systems. Our front doors are not the classic security entrance doors which you would use for a safe in a bank, yet our burglary-proof front doors are tested up to RC2 due to the high-quality locking systems and therefore ensure excellent burglary protection. 

Aluminium front doors

Internorm aluminium front doors offer you perfect burglary protection in attractive design. Standard 5-point locking from renowned manufacturer KFV renders these front doors burglary-proof. Countless front door models are available. Colourshandles and glazing can be designed exactly according to your door ideas. The inside of the entrance door features a multi-layer plate setup which ensures best thermal insulation and high sound protection. 

Of course, aluminium front doors can be equipped with finger scanner, keypad (code keyboard) or further security systems. Please ask for more details on burglary protection for front doors.

Timber-aluminium entrance doors

Timber ensures an unmistakeable appearance, it conveys warmth and cosiness and contributes greatly to a comfortable atmosphere. These characteristics are also important in the entrance area, especially, if the entrance is designed as open-plan or combined with a living area. The overall inviting appearance is important.

Good thermal insulation is essential in such a structural situation to avoid high energy costs and heat losses. You've come to the right place, then: Internorm timber-aluminium entrance doors achieve an especially good U-value and ensure excellent sound protection due to the combination of timber, thermal foam and aluminium.

Side entrance doors

Garages, basement entrances or also storage rooms are usually closed off with a side entrance door. As these side entrance doors also often lead into the house, appropriate security is needed. Internorm side entrance doors are therefore equipped with security features. These are available at varying security levels, as needed. 

Our side entrance doors are available in materials timber-aluminium, aluminium and UPVC.


Hormann Doors

Hormann doors combine design and security seamlessly. Whether it be for an entrance or garage door, Hormann doors can make a big impact with their exceptional quality and can be fitted according to your individual need and desires for your home. 

Altitude Aluminium only deliver high-quality products and Hormann is a brand which falls in line with this promise. Thanks to standard multi-point locking, these competitively priced doors will give you a feeling of security, while excellent built-in thermal insulation will make sure you're also saving energy.

We offer 3 different types of Hormann Steel doors; Thermo Pro/Plus Entrance doors, Thermo Safe/Carbon Entrance doors and Steel Garage doors. All of our Hormann products are manufactured in line with ISO 9001 and comply with EU directives for water-tightness, air-tightness, stability under heavy winds, acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Hormann Thermo Pro/Plus Entrance Doors

Our Hormann Thermo Pro/Plus steel entrance doors have a unique appearance. Beautifully-shaped, smooth door leaf made of steel, with no visible leaf frame, the doors have a simple design elegance.  

This 46mm thick Hormann door leaf is completely filled with PU rigid foam, providing excellent thermal insulation with a U-value as low as 1.2 W/m2K, helping to reduce your energy bills. A double all-round seal (on four sides) in the door leaf and additional corner seals in the floor area provide extra protection against bad weather, while heat loss is also reduced.

Hormann Thermo Safe/Carbon Entrance Doors

Offering the same qualities of the Hormann Thermo Pro/Plus steel range, a Hormann aluminium front door moves away from the production line offering a bespoke solution tailored to your exact requirements.

A full range of colours is available, the majority of which can be combined for two-tone doors. They also feature an exciting range of optional extras such as an array of handle options and smart intelligent locking including push-button entry and key code entry.

Hormann Garage Doors

We offer a range of Hormann Steel Garage Doors that can meet your individual needs for your home. From choosing the colour and finish to deciding how the door opens, Hormann's versatile range means we can help you find exactly what you need. For further information, please visit

Hormann Internal Doors

We also offer a range of Hormann Internal Doors. For further information please visit

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