Lift and Sliding Doors

We supply and install Internorm's luxurious high-end lift and slide door systems to home renovation, new build and architectural properties. 

Large-Scale Architectural Glazing Lift & Slide Doors

The exceptional range of large scale lift and slide doors from Internorm will instantly connect the interior of any grand design to the surrounding nature. The large glass areas will not only maximise natural light allowance but create a new and unlimited sense of space. The large glazed areas of the lift slide doors will bring more direct light into your property. The glass panes are made from toughened glass, thus protecting and preventing damage from occurring.


Passive House Certified Sliding Doors

Offered with triple glazing, the lift and slide doors by Internorm ensure exceptional thermal insulation with U-values as low as 0.64. The improved heat retention and Passive House certifications allow you to enjoy a home and benefit from low energy systems; improving the properties ecological footprint.

The luxury lift and slide doors are precision engineered using a collection of materials that are designed to last. You can opt for profiles that are available in aluminium-timber, aluminium-upvc as well as uPVC. We also offer the Panorama HX300 sliding doors; a profile that allows for much larger openings, thus giving you the option to make walls disappear and seamlessly connect your UK property to the surrounding nature.


Our team are regularly trained on Internorm's new products, technologies and ideas ensuring in-depth knowledge and understanding of the products being installed.


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We provide a 10 year warranty on all products that we install

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