Fitting windows and doors to maximise sightlines in the home

When fitting new windows and doors or remodelling a home with glazing, you’re presented with a glorious opportunity to position the new glass in a way that maximises the sightlines both from and through the property.

So, what are the considerations when trying to make the most of your sightlines?

Framing a view

Typically, people who think hard about the placement of their windows and doors are keen to use all that glass to frame a view – but a view of what?

Will you try and capture a whole landscape – in which case, you might need a very wide window or sliding folding doors – or a feature within that space? If it’s the latter, then the feature could be something like a swimming pool, a handsome tree, or an attractive section of garden.

If you’re keen to frame a garden feature, it’s important to remember that the shape and position of your window will really determine the final aesthetic appeal. So, if the object is a tree; a tall narrow window occupying a small bit of wall could have a really dramatic effect.

Enlivening a hallway

It might be that your preference is not to capture a particular outdoor feature, but to energise a part of the home that might otherwise be overlooked.

A picture window placed at the end of a hallway, for instance, could bring the space an emphasis – and even daylight – that was previously lacking. In fact, this kind of window on a landing would mean the space would also benefit from an elevated view.


When considering sightlines, it’s also important to think whether you’d like to use windows to open views through the home from outdoors. For instance, a mixture of external and internal glass could ensure that a light open feel is maintained inside and out as the sights and sounds of the garden permeate need into the property.

It might even be that you’d like to stand at the kitchen island and be able to see across a living room into the garden, to keep an eye on playing children or to socialise with guests while cooking.

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