Oriel Windows - A way to add natural Light to a room

What is an Oriel Window?

Architects design rooms with many kinds of windows. Sometimes, to bring more natural light into a room on an upper floor, they add oriel windows.

Oriel windows are a set of projecting windows arranged together in a bay to protrude from a building's face on an upper floor. They extend a room's interior space and allow more light to reach it. 

Oriel Window History

The term ''oriel'' comes from the Latin word ''oriolum,'' meaning porch. Scholars aren't sure where oriel windows developed, but during the Middle Ages they appeared with increasing frequency in European and Middle Eastern architecture. By the early 15th century, oriel windows were common in geographic areas where changing seasons with varying light levels encouraged architects to make the most of limited sun. Oriel windows were especially popular in English buildings from the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.

Today, oriel windows are used all over the world. They come in many styles and are found in a wide range of structures, from grand palaces and public buildings to smaller private homes.


Oriel windows are just one of the many window types Altitude Aluminium can provide.



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