Product Showcase: Aluminium Windows

A window is so much more than the glass, lock and casing used to create it. A window allows the beautiful outside, from its clear blue skies to its electrical thunder storms to be seen from the warmth of inside. With our choice of standard, high performance and curtain walling windows, offering the highest standard of style, security and space, there are many opportunities to make your home or project extra special.

Our standard windows are of four kinds; the Reynaers SL38, CS68, CS77 and the Schuco AWS70. The former is extremely versatile, suiting both the modern and traditional house, as well as being great for steel-frame renovations. The CS68 is simplistic in style, yet available in a never-ending array of shapes sure to delight the child within. The CS77 is suitable for houses both modern and contemporary, and available in the styles of, ‘Functional’, ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Hidden Vent’. Schuco’s AWS70 is better for refurbishment and getting that superb steel-look we know many of you architects like! All four also have excellent thermo-capability and strong air and water tightness.

Now it’s time for the high performers and oh they are spectacular! The Reynaers CS86 provides thermal insulation matching that of a great summer holiday, yet is extremely energy efficient. The CS104 is similar, and is recommended for usage in coastal homes due to its excellent water tightness. The Schuco AWS70 Hi, with its thick contours is perfect for providing properties with visual emphasis, and can be used for renovation and modernisation of steel windows for that beautiful steel finish. The AWS65 can be used as a floating window, as well as in combination with other Schuco façade systems, giving flexibility to this great choice.

Last, but by no means least are our range of curtain walling windows. These are a wonderful solution to allow more light in, and to make the property’s rooms appear bigger. The Reynaers CW50 can support up to 450kg of glass and be integrated with opening windows as well as single, sliding or folding doors. The Schuco FW50 can also carry up to 450kg of glass, can be used for buildings reaching 100m in height and is energy efficient too.

That was a lot of windows to outline in one blog! Discover the full details of all windows mentioned here and get on your way to creating your perfect property.

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