Product Showcase: Bi-Folding Doors

From the Reynaers CF68 to the Schuco ASS80, our range of bi-folding doors guarantee many benefits, including beautiful design, low maintenance and security. In this post, we showcase the Reynaers CF68, the Schuco ASS70, the Reynaers CF77 and the Schuco ASS80 to show you how they can enhance your home or property. We apologize, but afterwards, you may have a difficult time choosing.

The Reynaers CF68, the newest addition to the bi-fold door world is available in four different thresholds: High performance offers the greatest protection from air, wind and water; Double weather seal has a lower threshold, also providing good weather protection; Low threshold can be built into the floor; Flat bottom provides the easiest entry with no step at all! These doors are available in various configurations, using between 2 and 7 door leaves for choice of stacking direction.

The Schuco ASS70 has brilliant flexibility as it can be merged with other systems and doors. Along, with the best thermal insulation of all our bi-folding doors, excellent weathertightness and high transparency, it is no surprise they are a popular choice. Warmth, great views and resilience – a marvellous combination.

The Reynaers CF77 is available in various widths and thresholds, catering to the different tastes and styles of the designer or buyer. All choices provide an optional door lock design allowing the owner to use the first leaf as an entrance door, keeping style and security flowing.

Last but by no means least, the Schuco ASS80 offers a one-of-a-kind folding system, due to door leaves that bend and fold into one another. A Uw value of <1.3 W/m²K, meets the requirements of EnEV 2009, ensuring energy saving capabilities. All our bi-folding doors can be further fitted with blinds, and we especially recommend Sunshade Blind Systems, for easy care and a great range of colour and class.

Whichever of our doors you choose, you are assured a sophisticated, safe and durable addition to your home or project. These aren’t just any doors. These are Bi-Folding doors. 

Image Source: Raynaers CF 68 Brouchure

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