Product Showcase: Hi-Finity

The world is yours to see, and we believe you should see it in its full glory. Why settle for a translucent blur when you can have clear and stunning views of your beautiful surroundings? Whether you are renovating, extending or building a new property, we are certain our Hi-Finity sliding doors will add something special to your project.

Reaching heights of up to 3500mm, with a weight capacity of 750kg (for 6 conjoined doors), the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass doors work via double track and triple track technology. Stainless steel wheel carriages effortlessly glide the doors open, though if preferred a hidden motor can be installed allowing button-play. When it’s time to close the doors, locks will instantaneously engage ensuring elegance, precision and safety.

The glass itself can be double or triple-glazed, with a thickness of 36-38mm, providing excellent water resistance, thermal insulation and security. This is due to Ud values as low as 1.3W/m2K, a water tightness class of 7a (300Pa) and class 3 (600Pa) air tightness, with an adjustable meeting section between doors ensuring this seal. A wind load resistance of 4 (1600 Pa) provides further protection from the outside weather, which in the UK is always useful! Hi-Finity also complies with the European security standard RC2, providing burglary resistant technology.

The triple glazed doors have received the Minergie sustainability label for its superb thermal efficiency and energy saving capabilities. Hi-Finity can also use heat generated from natural light, electrical appliances and body warmth to further insulate the property. As a result, they can be successfully incorporated into zero energy buildings and property designed for low levels of energy consumption. Further to this, Hi-Finity has attained the Henry van de Velde label for ground-breaking quality, highlighting its excellent product offering in comparison to its competitors.

We believe they can enhance the beauty of not only the room, but the overall aesthetic of your house too. For example, we can provide doors placed on adjacent walls that when open, suggest the ceiling is being held up as if by magic. These doors can be connected by glass or opening door leafs that meet in the corner of the two walls. Both options ensure your view stays at its most visible.

With the promise of low maintenance, high thermal efficiency and long lifespan Hi-Finity doors offer clear benefits as well as a clear view.

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