Product Showcase: Hörmann Entrance & Garage Doors

When it comes to choosing the right door, you often have to make a choice between style and security. However, with Hörmann’s range of entrance and garage doors, you can rest assured that you don’t have to compromise on either.

With three different types of steel doors, the Hörmann Doors range can be fitted per the unique requirements of any project. A stylish combination of design and security means that all the doors are aesthetically pleasing, while also offering the multi-point locking technology as standard.

With built-in thermal insulation on all doors, you don’t have to worry about any drafts. Your house will remain as cosy as ever while your energy bill drops.

Our selection of Hörmann entrance and garage doors come in three uniquely different types:

Hörmann Pro/Plus Entrance Doors

The pro/plus entrance door offers advanced security with multi-point locking which includes swing bolts, security bolts and a soft lock to ensure that wherever you install this door, you can trust that it will provide safety where it matters most.

Alongside this, the entrance door is completely unique in appearance with a frameless leaf made of high quality steel. The beautiful shape provides the door with a certain elegance, while the 46mm thickness and PU rigid foam means the door has excellent thermal insulation.

With an overall U-value as low as 1.2W/m2K and the double all-round seal providing extra protection from bad weather, the pro and plus doors help you remain comfortable on the stormy nights while keeping your energy bill low.

Hörmann Thermo Safe/Carbon Entrance Doors

If you’re looking for a door that is more specifically tailored to your needs, then this selection of doors is perfect. With a full range of colours available, the production line is removed as we create a truly remarkable and bespoke entrance for you.

Alongside this, a number of optional extras are available including a wide array of different handles and a variety of intelligent locking mechanisms from push button to key code. With so much customisation, this range of entrance doors gives you the ultimate combination of style and security, perfect for any job.

Hörmann Garage Doors

Alongside entrance doors, we can also supply and install the luxurious garage doors. Each one is made to meet your individual requirements and every detail can be customised, from the colour all the way to how the door itself opens.

Choosing one of the Hörmann garage doors means that we can install something which blends perfectly with the rest of your home and is truly bespoke to you.


The range of doors from Hörmann doesn’t just offer security, it also offers style. Made from high-quality steel, the endless customisation possibilities of these doors mean that we can create and fit something truly helps express the luxury of your home.

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