What Makes Aluminium Better Than Other Materials?

Aluminium? Timber? uPVC? Various materials can be used to construct windows and doors but which material is best? You obviously want a material that is durable, energy-efficient, weather-resistant, eco-friendly, secure and also visibly beautiful. Can one material give you all of those benefits? We believe Aluminium can. Let’s look at why.

Compared with uPVC, aluminium frames will not wear over time due to its greater strength, which further allows the frames to be made thinner as it can withstand the pressure. This increased ratio of glass to frame also allows more natural light into the room, saving you money as the lights stay off.

Aluminium frames are weather-resistant, whereas uPVC has been known to expand and contract in the heat, causing them to bend, effecting the doors ability to seamlessly glide open and close. Lastly unlike most uPVC frames which have set colours, aluminium frames can be painted any RAL colour (there are over 400 in our product range) ensuring you can personalize them in any way that your heart desires.


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Timber! These can be stained or coloured in many marvellous hues, or left in its natural wood-like beauty. However, timber requires considerably more maintenance than aluminium, in terms of repainting every few years or sooner if frequently exposed to sunlight or more extreme weather. Warping can occur if timber absorbs a lot of moisture and cold weather can actually cause gaps, damaging thermal efficiency and threatening security. Timber can also be more expensive and unless obtained from a Forestry Stewardship Council certified source can be environmentally unfriendly too. Aluminium however does not face these issues.

Need more proof of Aluminium’s advantages? Compared to uPVC and wood, Aluminium windows were found to be the, ‘best suited for construction’ (Kumar, 2010) due to its ease of availability and ability to be demoulded into any shape and size. It also has a, ‘high degree of elegance and good appearance when powder coated’ showing its aesthetic qualities too. Kumar’s 2010 contribution to the International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering can provide even more detail on the benefits of aluminium

With advantages including weather-resistance, aesthetic beauty and security, you know aluminium is the best choice for your property.


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