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Winter is over – Consider installing a folding Door

May 2019

Project Updates - Follow us on Instagram

February 2019

Oriel Windows - A way to add natural Light to a room

October 2018

What is an Oriel Window? Architects design rooms with many kinds of windows. Sometimes, to bring more natural light into a room on an upper...

"A Beautiful Build" - Sevendials, Cheshire

July 2018

Altitude Aluminium,  installed the stunning aluminium windows and doors on this beautiful build.

We’re fitting panoramic windows, where should they go?

May 2018

When you’re extending your home, or going through a major renovation, there are hundreds of decisions to make along the way; and one of the...

Fitting windows and doors to maximise sightlines in the home

April 2018

When fitting new windows and doors or remodelling a home with glazing, you’re presented with a glorious opportunity to position the...

What’s better – aluminium bifold doors, uPVC, or composite?

March 2018

What’s better – aluminium sliding doors or timber?

February 2018

What’s better for my windows and doors – single, double, or triple glazing?

January 2018

Many people assume double glazing will naturally be better than single, and triple will be even better still, but it isn’t quite as simple as...

What’s better for my windows and doors – toughened glass or laminated glass?

December 2017

When you’re selecting new windows and doors security and safety is likely to be a key aspect of the decision-making process. No-one...

Which is best for opening size: patio or bifold doors?

November 2017

When you’re looking for new doors, one of the biggest considerations is how much of the space given over to them will actually open your home...

How to choose sliding folding doors based on energy rating

October 2017

When buying sliding folding doors one of the key considerations during the purchase is the thermal performance of the glazing –...

Which is better: slide or lift-and-slide patio doors?

September 2017

When fitting sliding patio doors most people want to achieve a balance between making them easy to open and the doors being good at...

Product Showcase: Hörmann Entrance & Garage Doors

August 2017

When it comes to choosing the right door, you often have to make a choice between style and security. However, with Hörmann’s range of...

Why You Should Choose Us Over Other Companies

July 2017

There was a time when only brick walls could provide the warmth, safety and pleasing aesthetic that all home-owners crave. With marvellous...

What Makes Altitude Aluminium Unique?

June 2017

There was a time when only brick walls could provide the warmth, safety and pleasing aesthetic that all home-owners crave. With marvellous...

Product Showcase: Aluminium Windows

May 2017

A window is so much more than the glass, lock and casing used to create it. A window allows the beautiful outside, from its clear blue skies to its...

Product Showcase: Bi-Folding Doors

April 2017

From the Reynaers CF68 to the Schuco ASS80, our range of bi-folding doors guarantee many benefits, including beautiful design, low maintenance and...

Great At Any Height: How Our Hi-Finity Sliding Doors Can Work In Any Room

April 2017

Night descends as stars begin to illuminate the sky, their twinkling light reminding dreamers it’s time once more to make their wish. The moon...

What Makes Aluminium Better Than Other Materials?

March 2017

Aluminium? Timber? uPVC? Various materials can be used to construct windows and doors but which material is best? You obviously want a material that...

The Benefits of Floor-To-Glass Ceiling

February 2017

Imagine the sun rising over your surroundings, leaving pinks, reds, yellows and oranges behind it as it ascends to find its position in the sky. The...

Product Showcase: Hi-Finity

February 2017

The world is yours to see, and we believe you should see it in its full glory. Why settle for a translucent blur when you can have clear and...

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